Wild Bohemian

NON-TOXIC Roll On Perfume


Introducing your new best friend that you can bring with you everywhere! NEW roll on perfumes available in 4 incredible scents to choose from. imply roll as little or as much as you'd like onto your pulse points for a delicious smell that lasts for hours. 

The Scents:

no. 1: vacation - warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine & mandarin. (It reminds us of the summer & sunscreen!)

no. 9: blackberry amber - blackberry and cassis blended with wild bergamot & warm amber

no. 25 : sunrise - citrus blossom, bergamot, amber & peach

no. 29 : vetiver & santal - pink peppercorn, vetiver, sandalwood, lavender & clove

The Specs:

Made with cosmetic grade avocado oil + coconut oil & non-toxic, paraben + phthalate free, vegan fragrance oils.

Glass Vial with Screw top lid & Roller ball

Small batch made in the USA

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