Wild Bohemian

Clean Roller Perfumes | 6 Scents


Good things start with Good Ingredients! These amazing roller perfumes are made from clean ingredients in Colorado Springs, CO.

This is a 15 mL roll on perfume oil with a stainless steel roller ball and gold cap.


FIG + SEA SALT | Refreshing blend of green figs, moss, sea salty air, peach, and apple. Sweet, light, and airy. Perfect for every day wear!

PLUM + AMBER | Full bodied blend of sweet plums, warm amber, dark cherries, and soft musk. Rich, fruity and warm.

BIRCH + BERGAMOT | A crisp, refreshing blend of bright bergamot and fresh birch. Clean, citrusy and woodsy

VETIVER + SANDALWOOD |  Vetiver, warm sandalwood and leather, woodsy cedar, spicy peppercorn, and musk to make the coziest scent

PEAR + ELDERFLOWER | A bright, sweet blend of fresh sliced pear, juicy apple, and blossoming elderflower.

YUZA + YLANG | A  blend of fragrant, floral ylang ylang, rich, woodsy hinoki, and citrusy yuzu. Soft, delicate, and bright.

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